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Anam Thubten

As a young child growing up in Tibet, Anam Thubten was intent on entering the monastery, where for much of his childhood and young adult life he received the benefit of extensive academic and spiritual training from several teachers in the Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism. He conveys the Dharma with the blessing of teachers Khenpo Chopel, Lama Garwang and others gone before in a lineage of wisdom holders and enlightened masters. Also during his formative years in Tibet he developed a special affinity with a yogi and lifetime hermit Lama Tsurlo, who became a deep source of inspiration that continues to manifest in Anam Thubten's expression of the Dharma.

After arriving in America in the early 1990's Anam Thubten began to teach the Dharma at the request of others. Today he travels extensively in the U.S. and occasionally abroad, teaching in fluent English and offering in a direct experiential manner the essence of Prajnaparamita, the timeless, non-conceptual wisdom teachings of the Buddha. These teachings, free of any sect or dogma, point directly to the recognition of one's true nature as boundless love, unfettered by the false notion of a self that is separate from others, and free from any limitations of egoic mind. In his teachings and presence with others, Anam Thubten invites the heart-opening, mind-emptying awakening to one's true nature that is already enlightened. The transformative power of these teachings that flow from the wisdom mind of the Buddha through teachers such as Anam Thubten is apparent in the lives of many who have embraced them.

Anam Thubten is the author of various articles and books in both the Tibetan and English language. His first book in English appeared under the title ‘No Self, No Problem.' He is the founder and spiritual advisor of Dharmata Foundation based in Point Richmond, California.

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